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Ocean Melody Ocean Melody

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I haven't left an audio review yet, but i downloaded this song about a month ago and it is now my favorite song in this genre by far, maybe even my favorite of all time.

Since i haven't had the the chance to delve TOO far into the audio portal i'm afraid that I wont really be able to give any good advice. I dont know what it is about this song that is so great, but it is. I only wish that it was longer!

Maybe you could make some others in this style? I like your other stuff, but this is truly exceptional

-Dan Schultz

Psybot responds:

Thank you for your kind words.

i would have done it longer if it wasnt supposed to be in the BotAP

i like to make my songs with a nice melody that easy gets stuck in your head =P

i think and hope that its the melody that makes this one a bit special from the others.

Thx for your review :D

//psybotronicle Waste\\